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BT Diverse 7150 Single Cordless Telephone

BT Diverse 7150 Single Cordless Telephone

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BT Diverse 7150 Single Cordless DECT Telephone

 The BT Diverse 7150 is very similar to the 7110 model but also included is a digital answering machine. Ideal for in the office the BT Diverse 7150 cordless phone will allow callers to leave a message if you can't answer the call.

The cordless phone on the BT Diverse 7150 is packed full of features to make it easier to use. For example there is a 100 name and number phone book built in to store all your contacts details. Also if more than one BT Diverse phones is registered to the 7150 the phone book will copy between them.

In total up 5 handsets can be registered to the BT Diverse 7150 with the options being either the standard BT Diverse 7100, or the robust 7200 additional phones.

With a digital recording time of 27 minutes there is plenty of storage space for incoming callers messages. Users can record there own outgoing messages and even access the machine remotely as well.

The BT 7000 Plus range have been designed to work with a repeater, enableing you to extend the range of your cordless telephones.

Handset Features

  • Speakerphone-Talk hands-free
  • SIM card: reader & writer
  • Antenna : Integrated on base; Integrated on handset
  • Call log entries : 30
  • Phonebook : 100 names and numbers
  • Redial List Capacity: 10
  • Dialling : Tone; Pulse
  • Name and caller ID
  • Caller ID on call waiting
  • Headset socket
  • Handset naming
  • Call timerClock and Alarm
  • Low battery indicator
  • Low battery alert
  • Out of range indicator
  • Out of range alert
  • 2.5mm headset port
  • Range indoor : 50 meters
  • Range outdoor : 300 meters
  • Digital Answering Machine

  • Recording time up to 27 minutes
  • Playback: handset & base
  • Two outgoing messages
  • Recordable outgoing messages
  • Time saver
  • Remote access
  • Message advice: indicator & counter
  • Call screening
  • Memo

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