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1 May 2024
We Refresh Your Old Headsets!

Let us Bring New Life to Your Old Headsets!

9 January 2024  |  Dan Coombes
What Headsets Work With Hearing Aids?

Looking for a Headset for and Hearing Aid Users? Look no further..

8 January 2024
Bluetooth vs Dect Headsets

How does a Bluetooth headset differ from a DECT headset?

15 September 2023  |  Dan Coombes
What is an EHS Cable? - Electronic Hook Switch

What is an EHS cable? Learn how to answer calls via your headset with an EHS cable

11 September 2023
What is a Handset Lifter?

When buying a DECT headset for the office you will be asked if you would like to purchase a handset lifter, but what does it actually mean? And how do you know if you need one?

9 August 2023  |  Dan Coombes
How to Use 2 Headsets on 1 PC for Training

Learn how to use 2 headsets on a PC for training or assessment.

9 August 2023
The Noise Cancellation Breakdown: ANC, Microphone, Passive

Difference between Active Noise Cancellations (ANC), Passive Noise Cancellation and Microphone Noise Cancellation

18 July 2023
Top 10 Noise-Cancelling headsets 2023

Headset Store Top 10 Noise-Cancelling headsets 2023

15 June 2023
Quality vs Cost - How Much Should You Pay for a Headset?

Is it worth buying the most expensive headset on the market or would it be wiser to opt in for a cheaper alternative headset? Lets dive in to find out how defferent circumstances requires different headset and find the perfect balance on how much you should spend on your next headset.

9 May 2023
Top Tips for Looking After Your Headset

Want to know the secret to long lasting headsets? Look no further as we discuss the top trade tips for looking after your headset.

18 April 2023  |  Dan Coombes
Understanding the Jabra Headset Returns Process

Jabra Warranty Returns Made Simple

8 February 2023  |  Dan Coombes
Yealink WH66 UC Workstation Headset Review

We Review the WH66 UC Workstation Headset - Wireless Headset and Base Station

7 February 2023  |  Dan Coombes
Headsets for NHS - Get Exclusive Discounts

Get NHS headset discounts, payment terms and priority replacement services exclusive to NHS franchises.

16 December 2022  |  Dan Coombes
What are Microsoft Teams Certified Headsets?

Microsoft Teams Certified headsets are advertised everywhere… but what does it actually mean? And how do you know if Teams Certified is best choice for you?

16 December 2022  |  Dan Coombes
Plantronics Audio 400 DSP Corded Headset Review

Is this entry level, foldable Plantronics headset worth the money ?

16 December 2022  |  Dan Coombes
Best Jabra Headsets for Microsoft Teams

Get our View on the Top 3 Best Jabra Headsets for use with Microsoft Teams.

15 December 2022  |  Dan Coombes
How Secure are Bluetooth Headsets

Learn about the extensive measures headset manufacturers to keep their Bluetooth devices secure.

15 December 2022  |  Dan Coombes
Headset Repair & Refurbishment

Do you know about our in-house repair & refurbishment service for corded and wireless headsets?

15 December 2022  |  Dan Coombes
UC Headsets vs MS Headsets

UC Headsets and MS Headsets are very similar. But there are key differences you can look for to tell them apart.

15 December 2022  |  Dan Coombes
5 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Headsets

Are Refurbished Headsets Worth It? Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Choose Refurbished

15 December 2022  |  Dan Coombes
Jabra Evolve2 65 Wireless Headset Review

Our Review of the NEW Jabra Evolve2 65 Headset Range. Does the Jabra Evolve2 Bluetooth UC Headset set a new standard?

18 November 2022  |  Dan Coombes
Best Headsets for Microsoft Teams

Check out the 10 best Microsoft Teams Certified headsets out now!

24 October 2022  |  Dan Coombes
Best Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Headsets

Headset Store top 10 best Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) telecoil headsets. Headsets for Hard of Hearing.

29 September 2022  |  Dan Coombes
Top Home Working Headsets

We pick our top 10 headsets for Working from Home. The ultimate in comfort, quality and performance.

28 September 2022  |  Dan Coombes
EPOS | Sennheiser SDW 5036 Headset Review

This premium headset has triple connectivity to PC, mobiles and desk phones, but does the EPOS SDW 5036 deliver where it counts?

28 September 2022  |  Dan Coombes
Yealink UH36 Stereo Headset Review

We review the brand new Yealink UH36 Headset with native Yealink phone integration

11 July 2022  |  Dan Coombes
Top Active Noise-Cancelling (ANC) Headsets

Ideal for concentration & call quality. Active Noise-Cancelling headsets are a cut above the rest.

14 December 2021  |  Dan Coombes
How to Choose the Best Headset for Working from Home

Ask Yourself These Key Questions Before You Buy a Headset for Home Working

6 May 2021  |  Dan Coombes
Skype for Business - End of Life Update

Skype for Business End of Life is Scheduled for 31st July 2021.

15 December 2020  |  Dan Coombes
Vega 100 UC USB Headset Review

At just £27.95 is this entry level USB headset a game changer?

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