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Thursday, 25/07/2019

Our Top 10 Speech Recognition Headsets

Speech Recognition Software enable users to turn spoken words into text or commands on their computers. It helps make everyday tasks easier and faster and is used in a wide variety of personal and professional environments.

Wednesday, 02/01/2019

Why you should use headsets at work

Using headsets will increase your employee’s efficiency and productivity, turning them into high-performance workers, a huge competitive advantage, and competitive advantages are everything in today’s market.

Thursday, 19/01/2017

The Best Call Centre Headsets for 2018

From the trusted Plantronics HW261N to the brand new Jabra Evolve 75, we take a look at the best call centre headsets for your business…

When you work in a call centre, your office headset is your treasured companion. But choosing your headset effectively is becoming increasingly difficult with the massive range of headset solutions & features available.

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