We Refresh Your Old Headsets!

1 May 2024


- Increase your Headsets Longevity
- Maintains Quality
- Cost-Effective
- Warranty on Parts We Repair
- Environmentally Friendly


- Refurbishment May Take a Few Days

Let us Bring New Life to Your Old Headsets!

Is your headset showing signs of wear and tear? Don't throw it aside just yet! Our refurbishment service can breathe new life into your old headset! Saving you money on a new one and reducing electronic waste.

Why Trust Us with Your Headset Refurbishment Needs?

We have over 10 years of experience in refurbishing and repairing headsets with an excellent reputation and over 40,000 satisfied customers including 3,400+ five-star reviews on Trustpilot, we have the expertise and trust that you are looking for.

How Much Will Your Headset Refurbishment Cost?

The cost of refurbishing your headset depends on various factors such as the extent of repairs needed and the quantity of headsets. We price each order individually, but a basic refresh of a wired headset will start from 14.50 ex vat. More advanced repairs with replacement parts will be slightly more.

To make the process as easy as possible for our customers, we will provide free collection and returns for all refurbishment / repair services that involves 30 or more units. This means that if you are refurbishing a large quantity of headsets, you can enjoy the added benefit of seamless logistics without any extra charges or further work for yourself.

Do You Get Warranty?

Yes, we stand behind our refurbishment work with confidence. We offer a 6-month warranty on any repairs conducted by our team. This means that if we repair specific component such as the wire or mic, and those components experience a fault within the warranty period then we will cover the cost of repair or replacement under warranty. However, the warranty does not extend to the entire unit, This warranty is only for the parts that we repair or replace. This ensures that the refurbished components are backed by our commitment to quality and reliability.

How Does it Work?

Our Refurbishment program is simple and we will have your headsets restored in no time!

Fill out the form: Fill in the form below with details about your headset and the quantity.

Quote: We will assess your request and provide you with a quote. We will inform you if the refurbishment is feasible.

Send items: Once approved, send us your headset(s), and our professional team will work their magic.

Receive items: Your refurbished headset(s) will be promptly returned to you, ready for use.

How Long Will It Take?

When we receive your items, our refurbishment process will usually take around 2-3 days. However, the exact time of our service may vary, depending on the extent of the refurbishment required and the work. Rest assured, we will always strive to return your headset to you as quickly as we can while always keeping a high quality standard.

Get a Quote for a Full Refurbishment Today

Please include as much detail as you can on the headsets / items you would like us to refurbish. The more information you include the better and it will allow us to give you a more accurate quote.

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Need more help?

If you need more help feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or message us via the live chat app on the bottom right corner of the page

If you have some extra headsets lying around, that are either old or you just don't use them, why not just fill the form our and see if you can get any money from your unused or unwanted headsets? Its a win-win.

If you would like to see a list of our full refurbished headsets to get an idea of what we sell then please see the link here.

If you have any further questions regarding our headsets, please get in touch with us at The Headset Store on 01675 432 123 or email [email protected]

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