Headset Repair & Refurbishment

15 December 2022  |  Dan Coombes


- Get Like-New Refurbished Headsets
- Cost-Effective
- Fast and Simple Process
- Good for the Environment
- Quick Turnaround on all Repairs

Why Not?

- Strict policies on buying only new headsets
- Unlimited Budget to Buy Brand New

Headset Repair & Refurbish Service

Our headset repair and refurbishment centre can save you hundreds of pounds on your existing headsets.

Next time your headset develops a fault or needs some TLC, get in touch and see how we can repair, refurbish and fully sanitise your headsets at a fraction of the cost of buying brand new.

Whether its 1 headset or 1000 our team of technicians will assess, repair and refurbish your headsets to like-new condition and return them to you. All refurbished headsets come with a full 6-month warranty and freshly replaced consumables like voice tubes, ear cushions and microphone wind shields.

We have experience repairing and refurbishing headsets from leading brands like Jabra, EPOS | Sennheiser, Plantronics, Poly, Yealink, Agent, JPL, Vega and More. In situations where headsets are beyond repair, we will either return the devices to you, or responsibly dispose of them whichever you prefer.

Headset Refurbishment and Repair

Why Refurbish Your Headsets?

Choosing to refurbish your existing headset is good for your wallet and for the world. Refurbishing a headset will cost a fraction of the price of buying brand new. Often you can refurbish a headset for under 25, whereas the average price of a wireless headset in 2023 is around 110 ex VAT!

The difference in quality and performance between brand new and refurbished is also less than you might think. Outside of the odd scratch or blemish, a refurbished unit with generally perform to a similar level as a brand new headset as long as the internal hardware remains in good working condition.

We often encounter customers looking to replace perfectly good headsets with brand new, just because they are looking a bit worn. By refurbishing these headsets we can help reduce landfill and minimise unnecessary production of plastic and electronics.

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Why Headset Store?

Since 2006 we have supplier over 1,000,000 headsets to over 35,000 UK based businesses, making us the leader in our field. We employ technicians with years of experience in repairing, refurbishing and troubleshooting problems with all types of headsets. Whether your headset is a current model, or an obsolete device that you still love, you can rely on us to provide the best possible repair and refurb service in the UK.

Get in Touch with our Team

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