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We love talking about headsets, and we love helping you find the right one. Before you’ve even made a purchase, give us a call to tell US what YOU want, what you need, and what you expect. After you’ve made your purchase, we’re with you every step of the way, with FREE remote lifetime support.


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We send out your orders with speed and security in mind.  Headset Store delivered over 35,200 items to UK Businesses last year alone. No matter how much you order, and no matter where in the UK or Ireland you are located, you'll only pay for a single flat rate of £5.95 plus VAT.

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If your Headset Store purchase doesn’t meet your expectations, simply return it to us within 14 days and our team will help you find the one that is more suitable. 

If you are not completely satisfied then give us a call on 01675 432 123.

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If you haven’t ordered from us before, it’s easy to set up an account over the phone with your required payment terms. Your invoice will then reference the Purchase Order Number (P.O. #) that you provide – we can even skip the PO part and send your order out immediately where required.

If you are a .Gov .Edu or .Org Customer, please call us on 01675 432 123 to discuss setting up an account with Headset Store.

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What to do if you have seen a cheaper price?

If you have seen an item at a lower price from another supplier we guarantee to match or even beat the price if you have obtained it from a legitimate, like-for-like supplier.

Simply call us on 01675 432 123 to discuss your requirements.

Headset Store

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Headset Store are not just your average online box shifters. We are a genuine Telecommunications business with over 30,000 genuine UK customers and over 100 years of combined experience within the communications industry.

If you need help or product advice relating to any aspect of your telephones, headsets or telephone systems then simply get in touch with us for an experienced opinion.

You can call us on 01675 432 123 Monday to Friday.

Softphone Headsets

Softphone Headsets
Softphone Headsets and VoIP Softphone Headsets from The Headset Store - Next Working Day Delivery
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VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol is becoming very popular as phone call rates are rising very abruptly.

Although making use of VoIP is fairly simple, you can make use of dedicated VoIP and Softphone Headsets to make the endeavor rather simpler.

VoIP headsets

Although VoIP can make use of many telephone peripheral devices available in the market today, you must use dedicated VoIP headsets to employ the state of the art audio technology. Whether you are using VOIP through your computer or your telephone set, you can use VoIP codecs to convert analog signals from your headset to digital, if it isnít in the same format already. Using the digital headsets breaks the digital signal into packets and send them across the VOIP connection in the same manner as your telephone headset would. If you are concerned about the compatibility of the headsets then contact The Headset Zone, for the headsets they have are compatible with most of the devices available on the market today.

Choosing the headset

Although there are countless options available on the market, you need to conduct a thorough research when looking for a VoIP headset. In order to make sure that you choose the best headset, take time to go through the product catalog at the Headset Zone. You have to take into account the amount of comfort it provides relative to the amount of time youíll be using it. As everyone has different needs, a thorough research will help you find a headset that fits your specific needs. Donít forget to take into consideration any special preferences like whether you want earbuds or earpieces along with the length and style of the mic. So if you have a plethora of such preferences, then The Headset Store is the perfect place for your VoIP needs.

Our Call Centre Headsets are also offered with quantity discounts for larger offices so please feel free to call us on 01675 432 123 to discuss your exact requirements and get expert advice.

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