How to Use 2 Headsets on 1 PC for Training

9 August 2023  |  Dan Coombes

How to Use 2 Headsets on 1 Computer

One of the most common questions we get asked at The Headset Store is: “Can you connect two headsets onto one computer for listening and training purposes?”

The good news is yes, you can connect two headsets onto one computer at the same time. However, they need to be a certain type of headset and connection. When connecting to a computer, most people will instinctively think you can plug in two USB headsets and it will work. Unfortunately, this is not the case because computers will only allow you to select one input and one output audio source. This means that only one of the USB headsets will work at a time.

So, What Works?

Well, there are a few ways to get two headsets onto one computer for training or assessment.

Option 1: Quick Disconnect Headsets + QD to USB Y Training Lead

Quick disconnect or “QD” headsets are a type of headset that allow the use of a replaceable or “quick disconnect” bottom lead. Each bottom lead will have a different type of wiring compatible with a different phone model, this means that a single quick disconnect headset could work on dozens of different phones simply by changing the bottom connector lead.

Using quick disconnect headsets with a Y-training lead is easy. Simply clip the two headsets qd connectors into the recievers on the Y-training lead, then plug the USB end into your PC and you are good to go!

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Option 2: Training Buddy Switch

Similar to a Y training lead, a training buddy allows two headsets with U10P connections to be used on one device. The training buddy has controls on the main junction box that allow for individual muting of headsets.

The training buddy also has the advantage of being able to connect to wireless headsets that use U10P connections. For example, we have tested the training buddy successfully with Plantronics Wireless Headsets W710, W720, and W740.

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Option 3: Headset Conference Feature on DECT Headsets

Headset conferencing is a headset feature in DECT headsets that works by connecting additional guest headsets to a master headset for conference calling. Conferencing functions generally allow for around 4 headsets to be connected at a time. Both master and guest headsets can be muted independently, making it a great tool for training or assessment purposes.

Headsets featuring conference calling include:

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Option 4: Using a Cloud Hosted Phone System

Modern cloud hosted phone systems offer a host of features ideal for training and monitoring. For example, at The Headset Store we use 3CX supplied by Birmingham Telecom for our calls and we benefit from a number of useful features:

  • Listen: Listen in to a call incognito
  • Whisper: Speak to an individual without other members of the call being able to hear
  • Barge: Join a call and speak with all callers, essentially creating a conference call

The only downside of this method is that each user would require their own computer and their own headset. The setup can still be used for training, but the two users would not be physically side by side as is the case with standard Y training leads.

Looking for headsets for training?

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You can get in touch with The Headset Store on 01675 432 123 or email us at [email protected] where we will be happy to assist with any requirements you may have.

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