Yealink UH36 Stereo Headset Review

28 September 2022  |  Dan Coombes


- Native Yealink IP Phone Integration
- Triple Connectivity - PC, Mobile, IP Phone
- Great Value at Less than £65
- Stylish & Comfortable with Leatherette Ear Cushions
- Highly-Reliable Yealink Product


- Could Be Better for Music & Media

The Yealink UH36 is a wired USB headset designed for use by office and call centre professionals. The UH36 features high-quality audio, multi-device connectivity and native Yealink phone integration making it a unique new addition to the market.

Costing in the region of £59.99 the Yealink UH36 is a budget-mid level headset that connects to PCs, Mobiles, Tablets, Yealink Phones & Select IP Phones. The headset appears to offer a great deal for a relatively low price, but is it really worth it?


The Yealink UH36 is designed for both mono and stereo users with 2 versions available. You can also choose between UC certified and MS Teams certified depending on how you plan to use the headset.

Our test model is The Yealink UH36 Stereo MS, a double eared version with leatherette ear cushions and a lightweight frame.

The Yealink UH36 looks smart and stylish and would fit well in any professional office or remote working setup. The headset feels of a good build-quality and is fairly robust with the microphone boom and other moving parts working smoothly without issue. The UH36 fits comfortably and the large ear cushions are big enough to provide passive noise cancellation when working.The ear pads are also easy to take off and replace which is helpful for headset maintenance.

Yealink UH36 Headset


The UH36 comes with a USB and 3.5mm jack connectivity. This enables the headset to plug into IP phones, PC, tablets and smart phones. The 3.5mm jack is connected directly to the headset and easily slots into the USB converter enabling you to quickly change devices with no issues.

We tested the MS Teams version, on this model the USB adaptor has a Microsoft Teams button that can be used to launch teams and accept calls with a single touch.

One of the big reasons to choose the Yealink UH36 is its ability to connect natively with Yealink IP phones. Using the Yealink UH36 with a Yealink phone gives you access to some useful additional features, such as:

Additional Yealink Phone Functionality with the UH36 Headset:

- Inline Answer / End Call
- Inline Mute Call

Enhanced Features (Yealink IP Phone V85 and above):

- Audio Optimisation
- Redial
- Call Hold
- Volume Synchronization
- Multiple Call Controls

Compatible Models Include: T41S /T42S /T46S /T48S /T42U /T43U /T46U /T48U /T53 /T53W /T54W /T57W /T58A /VP59 (T41S/T42S/T46S/T48S should be upgraded to firmware version 82 or higher)

Microsoft Teams Integration

The UH36 (Microsoft Teams Version) offers additional functionality unique to Microsoft Teams. The built-in Teams buttons enables one-touch call answering and can be used to immediately bring the application to the front of the screen. The headset will also automatically set itself as the default device for use with Microsoft Teams, reducing set-up time and making mass rollouts much easier for IT departments.

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Sound Quality

For the price point the Yealink UH36 offers great value sound quality and noise-cancelling.

Whilst we would not recommend this headset for gamers or music enthusiasts it performs more than well enough for your average office or home worker. The UH36 features Yealink Dynamic EQ and Wideband HD Audio Technology that enhances audio quality and performs very well for calls. The noise-cancelling microphone helps eliminate unwanted background noise and the passive noise cancelling from the large ear cushions delivers a more immersive audio experience.

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Final Verdict

On the whole, this is a very good all-round headset at a reasonable price point. The flexibility to switch between devices is great and if you’re a Yealink IP phone user the bonus features and functionality with Yealink IP desk phones is a huge plus.

We would certainly recommend the Yealink UH36 for office workers, remote workers and students. The headset is very good for voice calls, performs well for music and media and is comfortable and lightweight to wear.

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