Yealink WH66 UC Workstation Headset Review

8 February 2023  |  Dan Coombes


- Triple Connectivity - PC, Mobile, Yealink IP Phone
- Built-In Speakerphone - Ideal for Calls, Alerts and Music
- Excellent Range (Up to 160m)
- Full Microsoft Teams & 3CX Integration
- Looks Great on the Desk - Smart & Professional


- High Price Point

The Yealink WH66 is a stereo wireless headset with triple connection to Computers (USB), Mobiles (Bluetooth) and Yealink IP Phones (USB). The WH66 boasts an exceptional range of up to 160m and an impressive talk time of up to 14 hours making it perfect for all-day use. The WH66 UC Workstation comes with a built-in speakerphone and 4 inch touch screen and also allows for the addition of an optional wireless mobile phone charger to complete the setup.

With a price tag of around 180 ex VAT, the Yealink WH66 headset is certainly priced like a premium headset, but does it live up to the cost?


The Yealink WH66 is available in both single ear and double ear wearing style, with an alternative over-the-ear, ear hook style provided by the closely related WH67 model. You can choose between a UC optimised model or a Microsoft Teams certified model with additional Teams branding and functionality.

Our test model is the WH66 Stereo MS variant with comfortable leatherette ear cushions and an on-desk "UC Workstation" base. The base includes a headset charging stand, 4" capacitive touch screen and room for an optional wireless mobile phone charger that clips neatly into the base. The headset and base is plug and play via USB, making it very easy to set up. The headset makes for an excellent on-desk solution for office use but for regular travellers it is probably not the best option, due to the size of the base. There is no carry case for this model and the headset is much less portable than a Bluetooth headset and wireless USB adapter.

The Yealink WH66 looks smart and stylish and would fit well in any professional office or remote working setup. The headset feels of a good build-quality and is fairly robust with the microphone boom and other moving parts working smoothly without issue. The microphone can be muted/unmuted simply by raising and lowering the boom arm, which is a nice touch. The WH66 fits comfortably for longer periods of time and the large ear cushions are big enough to provide passive noise cancellation when working. The ear pads are also easy to take off and replace which is helpful for headset maintenance.

Yealink UH36 Headset


The WH66 is designed to be an all-in-one solution for office headset users. With triple connection the headset is the complete package whether you like working from a Yealink IP desk phone, PC softphone, Mobile phone or any combination of the three. In the box you will get the base station, headset, mains power adapter, quick guide and 2x USB connectors. The base station will connect to a PC or Desk Phone via USB, and you can connect to two additional devices via Bluetooth such as a mobile device or a Bluetooth desk phone. You can also use the base to amend basic and advanced settings such as range, audio bandwidth, mute reminders and auto answer.

The Yealink WH66 is a great headset for general office use. We have been using this headset for around 6 months now and there are several features that make day-to-day life easier.

The built-in speakerphone is especially useful. In our case, the speakerphone helps alert the team to incoming calls, live chats and other notifications, as well as being great for music and media. The headset works directly from the base station and provides an extremely good range of up to 160m (depending on line of sight, walls etc.). The battery life is also very impressive, with up to 14 hours on a single charge. The headset charges very quickly, perfect for situations when you forget to put it on the dock the night before!

As a regular user of the 3CX softphone and Microsoft Teams we love the WH66. With the Yealink Connect software the headset integrates fully into both platforms allowing users to answer / end Teams and 3CX calls with the push of a button on the headset. Native Yealink IP Phone integration also allows users who prefer using a traditional desk phone to connect easily via USB and benefit from full functionality, including remote answering via the built-in EHS function.

One of our favourite features of the Yealink WH66 headset is the intelligent mute function. The headset has an intelligent mute zone on the microphone boom which automatically mutes the headset when raised to within 30degrees. This feature is extremely useful and allows us to quickly confer with colleagues without disrupting a call.

Sound Quality

The Yealink WH66 has a good level of noise-cancelling with 2 built-in microphones and Yealink acoustic shield technology. It is perfectly suited to louder environments and works great for us in our noisy office. We regularly have multiple calls and conversations going on at a time in the office and the WH66 eliminates the majority of this background noise and ensures customers only hear the call. The ear pads on the WH66 are also large enough to cover most of the users ears providing a good level of passive noise cancellation to help focus on calls.

Whilst we would not recommend this headset for gamers or music enthusiasts it performs great for your average office user. Music and media still crisp and clear and the added bonus of having a base station speaker to play audio from is a nice bonus. The base can be set to a surprisingly loud volume and is certainly loud enough for a decently sized office to hear incoming calls or music being played.

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Final Verdict

Having extensively tested the Yealink WH66 UC Workstation over the last 6 months we can confidently say it lives up to the premium price tag. Our team continued to use the headset after their trial period, which is a testiment to the quality of the Yealink WH66.

Ultimately the headset is best suited to regular office users that require a flexible, reliable headset for every day use. The range is excellent and the overall quality and functionality make it perfect for regular day-to-day office work.

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