Quality vs Cost - How Much Should You Pay for a Headset?

15 June 2023

Quality vs Cost - How much should you pay for a headset?

Every day, customers ask us how much they should spend on a headset and which one to choose. The truth is, the answer depends on several factors and costly headsets are not always the best choice for everyone.

Buyers must consider everything from quality, comfort, durability and working environment to connectivity, price, value, and brand reputation. What works for one user, may not be the best option for others.

For instance, someone working from a quiet home environment may not require an extravagant headset with advanced noise cancellation and ANC features. Paying extra for extra features that you wont use is unneccessary. However, you should still prioritize the quality and durability of the headset.

If a user works from home for a few hours a day without much background noise, they can get away with a lower-priced option compared to someone working in a noisy office for longer hours. In the latter case, they would benefit from a headset with better build quality to ensure it lasts for several years. This is where value for money becomes crucial. Is it better to buy a cheap headset that may only last a year or two, or invest in a premium headset that can provide over five years of reliable use with proper care? In truth, the more you spend, the better the quality of the headset tends to be, so it is entirely up to you.

You Truly Get What You Pay For

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Occasionally, we encounter individuals unwilling to spend more than £20 on a headset while expecting a fully featured Bluetooth headset with exceptional noise cancellation. However, such headsets do not exist at that price. The Vega UC serves as a prime example. It is our most affordable Bluetooth headset and performs admirably within its intended purpose as an entry-level option. Priced at just £59.95, this Bluetooth headset is compatible with PCs and mobiles, saving individuals from spending hundreds of pounds on a premium alternative.

However, it is essential to recognize that the Vega UC is an entry-level headset. While it offers great value for the price, outstanding noise cancellation, premium build quality, and top-of-the-line sound performance should not be expected. The fact remains that you are getting a solid product at an affordable cost.

As a general rule of thumb, budget wireless headsets typically fall within the 50-90 range. However, it's essential to note that the Vega UC is an entry-level headset. While it offers commendable value for its price, it doesn't deliver exceptional noise cancellation, premium build quality, or top-tier sound performance as a premium headset would. This places it in the mid-tier category. On the higher end, ultra-premium headsets can cost over 200 but often deliver exceptional quality and performance. For wired headsets, prices vary, with desk phone headsets generally being slightly pricier than USB headsets. That said, you can find a good quality wired headset with basic noise reduction for approximately 30.

Build Quality and Durability

When purchasing a headset that you'll be using for up to 8 hours a day, it's crucial to consider its build quality and durability. Just like wearing the same shoes every day, they eventually wear out. That's where build quality becomes essential. Typically, higher-priced headsets offer superior build quality, whether it's through better ear cushion materials or a sturdier and more compact design. This directly impacts durability and can potentially extend the lifespan by 4+ years. I'm not pushing for anyone to get the most expensive headsets; the choice depends on your specific needs and situation!

Price, value, and Brand reputation

Overall, we all know that everyone wants a bargain and does not want to overspend on a headset. We get it. This is where our Grade-A Refurbished Headsets come in, you can cut almost half the price of some of the new headsets and still receive the same warranty!
By choosing headsets from renowned brands in the headset industry such as Poly (Plantronics), Yealink, Sennheiser, and Jabra, you can enjoy superior quality without having to pay a comparable price. This way you can get outstanding value for money, a headset with better quality and little cost.

What does a refurbished headset include

  • Brand new replacement ear cushions
  • Microphone voice tubes are replaced or cleaned
  • All surfaces are professional cleaned down and sanitised with disinfectant
  • Cables on the headset are replaced if needed
  • Fully tested and checked
  • Headsets are re-boxed into new packaging

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Why Headset Store?

Since 2006 we have supplier over 1,000,000 headsets to over 35,000 UK based businesses. We employ technicians with years of experience in repairing, refurbishing and troubleshooting problems with all types of headsets. Whether your headset is a current model, or an obsolete device that you still love, you can rely on us to provide the best possible repair and refurb service in the UK.

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  • Headset Store Refurbished Headsets

    Investing in refurbished headsets is a great alternative to buying new. You’ll save money and if you’re buying from a reputable source such as The Headset Store like you can rest assured you will be looked after with a high quality product, full warranty and a great after sales service.

    To learn more about refurbished headsets or to see our latest refurb specials, contact the Headset Store on 01675 432 123 or email us at [email protected] where we will be happy to assist with any requirements you may have.

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